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THE SWINGIN’ SIXTIES – A Brief History of Mod Fashion

Hello Friends,

I hope that all of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Although I have many things for which to be thankful, I cannot help but be forever grateful to have found this passion of historic fashion and vintage styling!  I never tire of learning about and discussing topics related to my work that I adore!  Because I worked in a field for twenty years that I certainly did NOT feel this way about, I can only appreciate even more the fact that I am able to call this my WORK.

Speaking of work, I recently developed and presented “The Swingin’ Sixties,” which is one of my favorite decades.  Not only did I come of age (sort of!) during this period, I also see it as a fascinating time in fashion history.  So many changes occurred during the ‘60s politically and socially, which was reflected in fashion. 

The London fashion explosion in clothing, accessories, music, and even cosmetics holds a special place in my heart.  I can remember watching my older sister putting on her Yardley makeup before going out and, even then, I adored the colors of the cosmetics and the cases in which they came.

Vintage yardley advertisement from the swinging sixties
Vintage Yardley makeup products

My first experience with Yardley, was the unexpected surprise of receiving my first Yardley Lipslicks that came in a package of 8-10 of the different pastel shades of this fabulous gloss.  I was so excited when my godmother gifted me with these gems on my 13th birthday.  Since then, packaging of vintage cosmetics is another obsession of mine.  With barely there colors, I was allowed to wear this “makeup,” as long as I avoided eye shadow and all of the trappings of facial enhancement.

Of course, I collect vintage cosmetics, clothing, and accessories whenever possible.  I would like to feature two 1960s pieces from my collection.  Below, I have an original 1960s Pucci skirt, given to me by a former colleague, whose mom had owned the piece.  I am thrilled to have this in my collection, even though it no longer fits me (sadly!).  Fortunately, I still have it for my presentation guests to enjoy.  Notice the signature, Emilio, which is how Pucci signed his designs.

Vintage 1960s skirt
Close-up view of vintage 1960s style skirt
Close-up view of label of vintage 1960s style skirt

This next piece was owned by a vendor friend who had worn it herself, but was ready to let go of it.  I happily purchased the dress from her, and I particularly LOVE the matching chain belt!  This dress is labeled Puritan Forever Young and dates to the late ‘60s, early ‘70s.  Not only are the colors fun, but the dress is an excellent example of styles from that period.

When I showed this garment to my attendees at my recent presentation on 1960s fashion, they were delighted! Half the fun of having a vintage collection is the joy of sharing it with other like-minded individuals.

My favorite memory of this style is the intense longing I had to own one of those cool chain belts, especially after seeing one on Veronica in Archie Comics (yikes!).  It’s amazing how some memories just stick and others leave, never to be retrieved again!

Vintage 1960s style dress with chain belt
Close-up view of vintage 1960s chain belt

So, dear friends, I’ll continue to share my finds with you and provide you with any info that I think you may enjoy.  So, my fellow historic/vintage fashion lovers, until next time…

From my spirit to yours,

Ren    ❤