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Karen (Ren) Antonowicz
O W N E R  /  S P E A K E R

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Spirits of Fashion
Because style never dies

A woman in a green dress and black hat giving a presentation on historical clothing and accessories.

Karen (Ren) Antonowicz received her Master’s Degree in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design, with a concentration in Historic Costume & Textiles from the University of RI.  She then taught History of Fashion and other courses full time at the college level for 13 years, and taught part time in the CE Program at the RI School of Design.

In the meantime, Ren and her husband, Mike, opened Nostalgia Antiques & Collectibles, a 3-floor co-op located on historic Wickenden St. in Providence, RI and ran the business for five years. 

A group of women in vintage fashion costumes having a tea party in a decorated room.

Ren continues to follow her passion for historic costume by conducting fashion era presentations, such as “The Fashions of Downton Abbey” at libraries, senior centers, schools, historical societies, and historic homes.

Spirits of Fashion was developed by Ren as a vehicle for conducting these various lectures and workshops on all eras of Fashion History.

Two women wearing hats in a room with other people. The woman on the left has a green hat. The woman on the right has a black hat. They are standing in front of a table. In the background there's a stage with a man and a projector screen.
A couple dressed in formal attire standing in front of a white house with a black door and red flowers hanging from the porch. The woman is holding a red bouquet and the man has a red boutonniere.
A woman standing behind a wooden podium with a microphone in a lecture hall with a red curtain and a projector screen.

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