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Fashion Era Presentations


A woman in a black blazer and a pink and purple patterned top holding a small black purse with a gold chain strap.

Did you know that you can create a unique wardrobe that suits your “style personality” without breaking the bank?  Join us for this fun styling workshop where we explore ways to treasure hunt for vintage and secondhand clothing and accessories that speak to you and will inspire a new way of dressing.   Fill your own closet with a personalized wardrobe that will bring you joy for years to come!

“Cocktail Culture: The Mad Men Era”

A vintage family photo in black and white

Cocktail parties in the home have been popular since the 1920s, after the onset of Prohibition.  Join us for a look at cocktail culture fashion as we travel through time. We will focus on silhouettes in clothing from the late 1940s through the 1960s, as we explore the connections of fashion and cocktails during this interesting period, not only in clothing styles, but also in home décor and accessories.

“Fashions of the Civil War Period

A vintage illustration of two women in Victorian era dresses holding a fan and a book

If you are a fan of Gone with the Wind, Mercy Street, or anything else associated with the Civil War Period, please join us for an exciting trip to the early 1860s, when fashion went through changes but, in many ways, remained the same throughout the war.  We will explore the height of fashion prior to the war, continuing through the post-war period, when many changes occurred both in fashion and in society. Travel through time with us, and share in the experience of this difficult, but interesting moment in our history.

“Fashion and the First Lady”

A group of people in formal attire standing in a room with a staircase in the background

During the course of history, the First Ladies of America have been watched, admired, copied, sometimes criticized, and followed for their fashion and style.  Join us for a look at the clothing and accessories worn by our presidents’ wives, as we journey through time from our earliest first lady to our current president’s wife, Jill Biden.  We will examine the ladies who changed the course of fashion as well as those who had little or no effect whatsoever.

“The History of Women’s Undergarments”

Vintage advertisement for R&G Corsets with a woman wearing a corset

Corsets, and girdles, and bustles, oh my!  Ever wonder how women managed to survive the tortured silhouettes of the Renaissance, Baroque or Victorian Periods?  Did the women of the 1950s have it any easier than those of the 1850s? Join us to explore the curious garments that formed the foundations of the fashionable shapes of various periods in history.  Discover the ways in which these garments reshaped women’s bodies into the desired aesthetic of the time.

“The Fashions of Downton Abbey”

A black and white photo of a woman in a long dress and feathered headdress holding a large feather fan.

Are you a fan of Downton Abbey?  Would you love to know more about the fashions of the period?  If so, join us for an informative presentation about the lives and fashions of the residents of Downton Abbey.  Travel with us through time while we explore the styles of 1912, represented in Season 1 of Downton Abbey, through the 1920s, when major changes occurred both in fashion and in society.  Immerse yourself in Downton Abbey, where we will explore all of the changing fashions of this intriguing period.

“The Roaring ‘20s”

Illustration of a woman in a 1920s style outfit smoking a cigarette.

Are you curious about the flappers of the 1920s?  Although we tend to think of flappers when we think of dress from this period, not every woman dressed this way.  Join us to learn about this magnificent decade and what drove the fashion and styles of the time. We will explore the evolution of dress for women and men of the ‘20s, focusing not only on flapper dress, but also on the popular clothing and accessories of the period.

“The Gilded Age”

Black and white illustration of a group of people in a ballroom.

Are you fascinated with the idea of mansions termed “summer cottages” by the wealthy of Newport?  Would you like to learn more about the dress and lifestyle of those fortunate enough to spend their summers in these beautiful homes?  Join us for an exciting journey through time as we explore the fashions of The Gilded Age, focusing on the 1870s and ‘80s bustle periods, the ‘90s, and covering the early years the 20th century.

“Wartime Fashion”

Black and white photo of a woman sitting on a set of stairs.

Have you ever wondered what changes in fashion occurred during WWI and WWII?  Despite wartime shortages and restrictions, men and women managed to dress in style.  How did they accomplish this? Join us to discover what these wartime shortages were and how they were overcome by the determined people of this era.  We will explore the clothing and accessories worn during both of these war periods, focusing on some of the innovative ways in which fashion was followed.

“Fashion During Queen Victoria’s Reign”

Illustration of a woman in a yellow Italian opera costume

Travel with us through time as we explore the fashions of men and women during Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 to 1901.  The Victorian era supported vast changes in fashion that continue to influence styles of today. Witness the modifications in silhouettes, necklines, accessories and hairstyles that reflect the social, political, and cultural reforms that took place during this intriguing period.

“Shoes Through The Decades”

Photo of a pair of black Victorian era boots with a pointed toe and a scalloped edge

Are you curious about the footwear of years gone by?  If so, join us as we explore the evolution of shoes from the reign of Queen Victoria through the decades of the 20th Century.  We will discover the changes that occurred in footwear for women and men of the 19th and 20th centuries, emphasizing the influences that precipitated these changes.

“Evolution of the Wedding Gown”

Photo of a cream-colored wedding dress with a floral pattern and a bow on a mannequin

Enter the world of brides from the past and learn about what they wore during their first day of marriage.  We will discuss both celebrity and royal weddings, as well as those of the less famous. Vintage videos will help to bring these weddings to life.  Join us for a glamorous foray into former wedding finery!

“The Pride & Prejudice of Fashion: Clothing Styles of the Jane Austen Era”

A painting of four people playing a board game in a dimly lit room.

Celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jane Austen as we wander through the wardrobes of some of Miss Austen’s most famous characters.  Explore the silhouettes of the clothing worn by the ladies and gentlemen of the day, while learning about the accessories they would have used and the reasons behind their usage.  Together, we will travel through time to a long-ago era of opulence, social graces, and a gentler way of life.  Please join us!

“Steampunk Fashion”

A photo of four people in steampunk costumes with top hats and goggles.

What is Steampunk?  A mix of Victorian elements with those of the steam age comprise the main theme of steampunk fashion.  Victorian corsets, petticoats, and lace blend seamlessly with clock faces, metal findings, and gears, to create the most unique ensembles for both men and women.  Join us to explore the various characters that folks portray while embracing this modern Steampunk adventure!

“Tudor Fashion”

A photo realistic image of a group of people in medieval clothing in a decorated room.

Step back in time to King Henry VIII’s reign and view the fascinating fashions of the period.  Travel past Henry’s time to observe the styles of the Tudors who followed him to the throne: Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth.  Although styles changed much more slowly than they do in our day and age, fashion did indeed evolve in the most interesting ways.  Join us as we explore this unparalleled fashion era!

“The Swingin’’ Sixties“

A person in a striped dress and polka dot tights sitting on an orange wall with a blurred face.

Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Mary Quant, Biba, and the list goes on!  Discover the fashions of the Swingin’ Sixties, beginning with the Mod styles of London, traveling through the hippy era, and culminating in the bohemian styles and hot pants of the early ‘70s.  Join us to explore what drove these changing styles and how they affected people of all ages during this turbulent time!

“The Golden Age of Hollywood”

A woman in a fur-trimmed dress standing behind a railing.

Fashion on the silver screen during the ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s was not only glamorous and influential, but also was enjoyed as an “escape” from the problems of each decade.  In the depression era, folks could attend the movies as a way to forget their current circumstances, while the films served as both escapism and news reporting during the long years of World War II.  Finally, the 1950s movies continued to show elegant fashions that were inspiring to the audiences of that period, but the advent of television caused fashion influence to be split between the silver screen and the smaller TV in America’s homes.  Join us as we travel through these fascinating decades and enjoy a glimpse into the glamour of that golden age.

“Bewitched: Styles During The Time Of The Salem Witch Trials”

An oil painting of a 17th century scene with people drinking, smoking, and playing cards in a room with a fireplace, a window, and a chandelier.

Do you love learning about the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690s?  Join us for an afternoon of discovering what the folks of Salem, MA were wearing during this time and how their styles differed from those worn by the people of Europe and other areas.  We will explore the various aspects of dress for men and women of that time, while viewing images and movie clips to supplement our discussion.  Please spend your afternoon with us and get into the Halloween spirit!

“History of Beauty & Cosmetics“

Vintage advertisement for Hollywood beauty products.

Do you wonder where cosmetics originated and how they evolved through the years?  If so, join us as we explore the origins of makeup and the ways in which societal changes influenced the beauty industry’s development.  As cosmetics became more acceptable in the early 20th C., ladies were able to choose from a variety of beautifying products they hoped would make their romantic dreams come true!

“Glam Rock Fashion”

Person wearing a black top hat and suit with silver studs in front of a red background.

Developed in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, Glam Rock was a genre of decadence with musicians wearing outrageous, flamboyant costumes, makeup, and hairstyles, often with an androgynous slant that played with nontraditional gender roles.  Join us for a fascinating peek into this music genre, its performers, and the fashion that helped to define Glam Rock.

“Style For The Golden Years”

Person wearing a black feathered coat at the Miami International Film Festival.

Style is eternal! As we age, we may think that style no longer matters and that we shouldn’t worry about expressing ourselves with fashion. I disagree! Share this journey with me as we witness women of advanced age dressing in fabulous and unique ways, refusing to give up their authentic style and glamour. Join us and be inspired!