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Creating a vintage look with Ren

Putting together a vintage look doesn’t always mean every piece needs to be vintage. That can be difficult, especially when trying to find vintage in your size!

A woman in a yellow blouse and a black skirt sitting on a wooden chair in a garden

But creating a vintage look has become easier with the influx of vintage inspired designs in mainstream fashion. You can probably find a vintage inspired design at almost any fashion retailer today. Think of the ankle cut or capri pants, they are a remake of the classic 1950s cigarette pant. Or what about the cropped jacket, that’s a remake of the bolero which is a remake of the 1800s Zouave ( here is great article about the Zouave).

Fashion has a way of repeating itself through the decades, designers are always looking to the past to find inspiration for their future looks. So why not mix the old with the new, as long as it makes you feel good!

Ren, a fashion lover and historian has a great eye for spotting contemporary pieces that are inspired by vintage ones. She can mix and match recent pieces with vintage originals creating a look that evokes an era and creates a truly unique ensemble. Ren’s personal collection that she pulls from, on a daily basis, is full of gems from the 50s and 60s. Which is such a great era to find inspiration from because it is was a time of elegance but also comfort, which is the perfect combination for feeling great.

I have had the pleasure of meeting up with Ren recently and taking a few shots of her favorite every day and dressier vintage attire. We both agree mixing contemporary pieces with vintage pieces can make for a fabulous look!

To the right, Ren has styled a gorgeous 50s floral patterned blouse, adorned with crystal embellished buttons, with a pair of modern pink capri pants and a vintage raffia bag. Her fabulous glasses are a remake of 1960s cat eyed frames made from leucite and elaborated with rhinestones. Her jewelry is contemporary and adds a little bit of glam to the whole look.

A tree in full bloom with a woman in a vinatge outfit.
A woman standing next to a tree with a basket on their shoulder.

Below, Ren is channeling the rock n’ roll 50s with a vintage 50s collared yellow shirt. She paired it with an Ann Taylor Loft black skirt that is fashioned after the 50s swing skirt, which was originally conceived of in the 1930s. Her contemporary shoes are a mix of 1950s flatties, or flats, and ghillies, which were a mix of ballerina flats and espadrilles( here is another good read on shoes). The bag she chose is an excellent example of a 50s, structured patent leather purse, with a pin stripped lining and a matching coin purse. Pulling it all together is a scarf tied around her pony tail and the bold button styled earrings.

A person standing in front of a light pink house with a flower box.

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Written by Siri H.