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Christmas Memories

At this time of year, when holiday festivities are gearing up, I have more of a profound sense of Nostalgia than at any other time of year. When I think of long ago Christmases, I always remember the excitement of the holiday preparations, the decorations, the bright colors and lights, and the mystery of presents to come. Now, I long for that simpler time, when the importance of family came first and time seemed to stand still. Along with these memories, I can picture my relatives dressed so festively and looking glamorous, while preparing and serving meals, toasting one another, and opening gifts. These ads from the 1950s bring me right back to those golden days…

Christmas card

How do you not feel the holiday spirit looking at this vintage Christmas card? The nostalgia is almost painful!

Vintage Christmas card

And, although, everyone who knows me knows that I don’t cook very much, the appeal of a vintage Christmas apron almost begs me to cook up a meal!

Vintage Christmas card

Lastly, the bright red “scarlet” vintage heels in this ad make me long for the time when shoes, bags, and gloves had to match and when attention to every detail was of the utmost importance. As I continue to contemplate how to incorporate more vintage into my daily life, I will be sure to refer to ads such as these for inspiration. Happy Holidays, Everyone!